Just a bit crowded

It’s a big scary world out there.

That’s what my mum used to tell me, and I’m sure whilst she may have meant all the evil in the world, to me the scariest part of the world are the crowds. Just so many people bustling around, the noise of unfaltering chatter and attempting to walk down a street avoiding eye contact is so draining, sometimes I think it is DEFINITELY worth staying indoors.

But like everyone else, I can’t stay inside all my life. Though curling up in bed with a book or good film, avoiding social contact sounds ideal, now and then I do have to talk to people.

So instead of hiding away from the world, I’m going to face it. Taking hints and tips from my confident, outgoing boyfriend, I will experiment with how he sees the world and attempt to learn ‘How To Extrovert’.

Safe to say to anyone reading this, please be kind, we introverts have a lot to say… we just don’t want everyone to hear it.

Love Thy Neighbour

Can someone please show me the rule which says that you have to befriend the neighbour next door?

I don’t understand why just because we have to share a wall, it means we have to share lives. Do we have to walk past and say “hello”, can’t a small smile or nod suffice?

To be honest, I don’t give two hoots about my neighbours cat. Or his fishing… I hate fishing so why should I pretend to be interested?

Unfortunately for me, Steve doesn’t agree. He is more than happy to talk to anyone and I do love that about him, but I cannot think of any topics for conversation. Literally no words come to my head and I end up just standing next to Steve staring at people, which makes me even more uncomfortable.

And that’s when I wait around for Steve to finish his conversation…

Poor Brian, our new next door neighbour, was walking past and Steve stopped to say hello… by the time Steve turned around to introduce me I was already down four flights of stairs and out the main door!

So on my quest to be more confident and outgoing, I started a conversation up with Brian. We were both in our joint balcony, I initiated conversation with a simple “hello”, Brian said “hey” and went back inside his flat!

WHAT!!! Maybe we introverts have it right… like us introverts, not everyone wants to talk. Maybe it’s these extroverts that need to learn a thing or two….

Cheque, please!

Now, this may not apply to everyone who is socially awkward like I am, but one of the biggest struggles I have is asking for the bill…

Thank god I have Steve, otherwise I would never leave any restaurant!

What is so difficult about asking a waitress a simple question? I know it bewilders my boyfriend, who is so over confident he has enough for both of us, but it is seriously a massive deal to me!

What do I sound like? Is it rude? Am I interrupting? All these thoughts go through my mind and it stops me from uttering a tiny teeny sentence! It’s facing a complete stranger that terrifies me and the unknown of what response I will get. Yes they aren’t going to say no, but it’s the manner in which the reply comes.

Most of the time, I don’t even need to think of asking for the bill, THAT’S what boyfriends are for… but in my first attempt to become the new self confident outgoing me, I asked for the bill.

AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! Nothing, I got the bill, paid and left… but it was a huge achievement to me!

One step closer!!